What information do I have to provide or upload to use this service?

You must upload 2 files — a stadium manifest and a list of groups that you wish to seat. The required specifications for each file are contained in this Data Upload Specifications file.

Can I solve my entire stadium, arena, or theater at once?

In theory, yes.  However, we do not recommend doing so, as it provides you with limited control over who sits in which section.  We suggest that you start with your highest priority groups, and assign them to the sections (maybe 3-8) where you would like them to be, and then proceed with other groups and sections.

Will other schools or teams have access to my data?

No.  Each subscription receives a separate, customized application with logins for 3-5 users.  None of your information is available to anyone from other organizations.

Can I use this online service for multiple venues at our location?

Yes!  It can be used for up to 5 venues.  Any combination of the following: football stadium, basketball arena, hockey arena, baseball stadium, theater, etc. Pricing is based on the capacity of the largest venue, but includes an additional 4 (smaller) facilities for that amount.

How long will I have to wait when solving a model?

This depends on a number of factors, but could range from a few seconds for a single section or a small number of sections, to a minute or two for larger sections of seats.  Trying to solve an entire venue, especially a large (80K+ seat) stadium could take even longer. We provide the ability to limit the solve time to what you are willing to wait.

Is my data stored on your system?

Not currently. After you have created a seating plan, you download the manifest file and groups file, for use in your existing systems.  This information is NOT retained on our system.  We are looking into the idea of persistent storage, should that be something that some clients are interested in having offered.

Why should I purchase a Yearly Plan instead of a Monthly Plan?

Each of the Yearly Plans (Small, Medium, Large) provides a savings of roughly 25% over the corresponding Monthly Plan.  It is designed for those organizations that have multiple venues with differing seasons over the course of a year.

Where is your service hosted?

SafeSeating.Solutions runs in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) instance that is optimized for running this type of model.

Providing venue managers with optimal seating arrangements, given social distancing and capacity constraints.